Saturday, October 10, 2015

Wyatt Henry and the run for my money.

And when I say "run" I mean run like from a burning building, or to a finish line. Wyatt is one of three loves of my life. Born in July of 2007 with dimples your fingers could get lost in, Wyatt is truly his own person. My pregnancy with him was somewhat of a sadistic comedy show where the star of the show (me) would vomit her way through New England managing to eat only pre-packaged, out-of-season watermelon and orange soda for the first 3 months. I knew this kid would be trouble of the best kind by the second hospital stay from dehydration. And sure, I complain about him being crazy and tough to handle but the truth is - I wouldn't want him any other way. He's an amazing little spitfire who hits the ground running at 6 am and crashes and burns around 8. It's a long day for the little guy, but I assure you its a longer day me. He's a typical "younger sibling", competing over nothing, outgoing, extroverted and curious but he's unique in that he absorbs everything he sees and tells everyone with the great detail of a Key Note Speaker. A few years ago at camp, a woman from an aquatic center dropped by with sea creatures (lobsters, clams, crabs) to show the kids. Wyatt got into trouble for not listening (not surprising because he wants to learn by doing, not hearing). He apparently picked up his friend Mason's hand and began hitting him with it trying to be funny. For him, this type of erratic and impulsive action is as common as breathing. But after dinner that same night he began explaining the difference between the "crusher" claw on a crab and a "Pincer". So, while he was playing with his friends hand and being spoken to by the teacher - he was filing away the info about the crab. Now, I'm not sharing that info to say "wow, look at how smart my kid is".... I'm simply saying this because, well..... he's smart. When he finally drifts off to sleep each night, I find myself starring at him like I would a still hummingbird. I touch and smell his hair. I look at each finger, some with the days dirt still caked under the nail and I can't help but to smile. As mischievous as this little person is he is absolutely
perfect for me. He is a free spirit so loving and kind but so curious and adventurous. He tells me he want to go to Vegas and be star. He wants to dance and sing and make people smile. As much as I'd like to keep him safe in a box with me for all eternity - the day I saw him for the first time, I knew I was releasing him to the world. I had no choice but to set this bird free - to fly.

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