Saturday, February 20, 2010


The greatest quality a person can have in life is courage.  I wish I had more of it.  People with courage are willing to take a chance, even though they could fall on their face - and hard ( possibly in front of many watchful eyes). Courage is allowing fear to fade into the background and worry to wash away.  This bring to mind the man on St. John.  About 9 years ago, shortly after Jared died - my father took me to St. John, hoping the sun and salty air would somehow allow me to find myself again.  A few days into our trip we headed to Trunk Bay - named one of the top 10 beaches in the world by "Conde' Nest" magazine.  Marble-blue water, small folding waves - silence.   As we sat with our feet dug into the white sand - we noticed a family seated down the beach; a man, his wife and two sons maybe 12 and 14.  I watched through my sunglasses making sure they couldn't see me.  The kids eventually ran towards the water and played trying to coax their parents on. Finally, after some time - the man slowly turn his body to the side, and then shifted his entire weight onto his arms.  Unable to walk - he crawled his way towards the water.  I looked around and then up towards to top of the beach line and noticed a wheelchair.  My father and I exchanged looks of shock and sympathy.  Once the man reached the water he began to float and play around with his children - like any other dad.  I realized then that dispite heartache, pain, fear, and even death - life somehow has to go on. It has no other choice but to.